New Driver's License Requirement for Taxicab and Limousine Operators

A new Delaware law requires limousine operators to now carry a taxicab/limousine operator ("Z") endorsement on their driver license. The law has also expanded the criminal history background check to include both a national and state report and expands the crimes that could disqualify drivers from operating taxis and limousines in an effort to improve public safety. A company will not be able to employ an individual or lease to any individual who operates a taxicab or limousine in the State who does not hold the "Z" endorsement on their driver license effective September 26, 2012. For those drivers who do not hold a State of Delaware driver's license, the individual must meet the requirements of their State of residence for taxicab and limousine operations.

Upon first employment or re-employment of an out-of-state driver, the driver must provide to the employer a current copy of the driver's criminal history background check. In addition, the driver must annually provide to the driver's employer a current copy of their home state driving record. Employers must maintain on file a current copy of the driver's criminal history background check and their driving record. Annual updates and review of the driver's driving record must be performed using the same qualification criteria as found in 21 Del. C §2763. No employer shall knowingly permit any driver to operate a taxi or limousine in the State of Delaware when the employer is aware of any disqualifying crimes or motor vehicle violations as defined in 21 Del. C §2763.

Please click on the following link to view the amendment to Title 21 of the Delaware Code relating to taxicab and limousine drivers: