Bike rack imageOur DART fixed route buses are now equipped with bike racks to better serve our bike riding bus riders. Our recent rider survey indicated that as many as 28% of those riders who responded would ride their bike to a bus stop! DART is pleased to now offer this new rider convenience. Below are the easy instructions for loading your bike on DART fixed route buses. A brochure with photographs is available for download This pdf file will open in a new window. and printing as well (pdf format).

  • Simply lower the rack with one hand while holding the bike with the other hand. This durable rack weighs less than 30 pounds and is just as easy to lift as it is to lower. Even children can easily raise and lower the rack. In fact, tests show that most first-time users can load and unload their bike in less than 25 seconds.
  • After lowering the rack, lift the bike into either of the rack's wheel wells. Even with one bike already loaded, it's easy to load and unload a second bike. All bikes fits easily and securely on the rack, even kid's bikes and bikes with fenders. All bikes load in exactly the same way.
  • After the bike is in the rack, the self-storing support arm is easily pulled out and up over the front tire of the bike. The only point of contact between the bike and the bike rack is on the rubber tires, eliminating any possible damage.
  • After lifting the support arm up and over the front tire, you're ready to board the bus. Riders load and unload from the curb side for safe, efficient operation.

Racks are installed on all buses State-wide. Racks hold 2 bikes per bus.Load time is approximately 20 seconds.