What is a DARTCard?

  • Leading-edge stored value card
  • Easy "no cash" way to pay your fare
  • Provides more rewarding discounts
  • Simpler to use and gives you freedom of discount and price choice

How does a DARTCard work?

  • DARTCards can be purchased from any DART First State transportation store, fare card outlet, online and by mail or phone from DART First State. For more information on how and where to purchase DARTCards, call 800.652.DART
  • A DARTCard can be used statewide on all bus services except paratransit demand response.
  • DARTCards are used just like cash, and can not be replaced or refunded by DART First State if lost, altered, stolen, or misplaced.
  • A DARTCard can be used to purchase a daily pass on the bus, or to pay on a per ride basis. If you ride more than 2 buses per day, purchasing a daily pass is your best value. When buying a daily pass on the bus, inform the driver prior to inserting your DARTCard into the farebox. A Daily Pass is not transferable to another person.
  • The DARTCard is inserted into the farebox just like your current fare card.
  • The farebox deducts the appropriate fare from your DARTCard and prints out the remaining value on the back of the card.
  • The DARTCard records a maximum of 26 transactions on the back of the DARTCard. When a DARTCard becomes full with 26 transactions, a message on the bottom of the back of the card will read "Remaining Value on Next Card." Any remaining value on the original DARTCard is transferred onto a new stored value card issued by the fare box. There may be a short delay transferring the balance, so please wait for the new card to eject.
  • If the amount left on the card is less than your fare, insert your DARTCard into the farebox and the difference can be paid with another DARTCard, or in cash.
  • Once the value on the card has been used, a new card should be purchased. DARTCards are not rechargeable.
  • Transfers are not issued. Again, the best value is a daily pass if you ride more than two buses per day. A Daily Pass is not transferable to another person.

All DARTCards are available in seven different denominations.

Color Price Value Discount
Gold $9.60 $12.00 20%
Blue $12.00 $16.10 25%
Yellow $15.00 $21.00 29%
Green $30.00 $43.20 30%
Purple $35.00 $52.90 34%
Platinum $65.00 $108.00 40%
Red $14.00 * $46.00 * 70%
*Reduced fare for riders over age 65 or who have a certified disability

Riders are encouraged to pay their fare with a pre-purchased stored value DARTCard. Cash fares must be paid with exact change using coins and only single dollar bills.