DART Transit: Paratransit ETA FAQs

Q. What if my bus hasn’t arrived by the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)?

A. Please contact our Reservation Section on 1-800-553-3278.

Q. What if my trip information is incorrect?

A. Please contact our Reservation Section to verify your trip information.

Q. Can I change my trip information?

A. No, all trip information is final. Changes to reservations must be made by 4:30 PM the day before your trip is scheduled.

Q. What if I don’t know my client ID number?

A. Please contact our Reservation Section to obtain you client ID number.

Q.What if I don’t know my PIN number?

A. Your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number on record.

DART Pass: Paratransit Ticket Sales FAQs

Q.How do I know what type of ticket to purchase?
A. When booking your trip ask the Reservationist if you have and ADA or Non-ADA Demand Response trip.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can purchase?
A. No, you are welcome to purchase as many tickets as you need.

Q.Do tickets expire?
A. Yes, tickets expire one year from the date of purchase.

Q.Can I pay my first driver for my return trip?
A. No, each trip must be paid for individually.

Q.Can I pay for someone accompanying me (companion) on my trip?
A. Yes, you are welcome to pay for your companion if you have tickets available on your account.

Q. Can I swap mobile payment ticket with a DART hard ticket?
A.No. Purchased tickets are nontransferable or interchangeable.

Q. If I am having a problem loading the application, who should I call?
A.For technical assistance or questions about the app, please contact our Customer Service at (800) 652-DART (3278), option 2.

Q. How does ticket activation work?
A.When you select a ticket for activation, you will see a “tap to activate” button pop up. Tap the button and you get an alert for the ticket expiration date and time. Once you click “yes”, the activation screen will display. If you have already activated a ticket, it will display under “active” tickets in your wallet. For easy redisplay, you can tap a green bar at the top of the screen to show your activated screen. On Android, a green button in the bottom right is available for the same purpose.

Q. Can I use the app on my iPad, Android tablets that are not phones?
A.Yes, screen displays adjust based on your screen size.

Q. What is the difference between saving "to the cloud" and "to the device"?
A.By saving “to the cloud’, you are able to enable ticket access on any device where the app is installed. Simply log on and you will be able to retrieve tickets that have been purchased. If you are planning to use tickets purchased on multiple devices (ex. tablet and smartphone), then you should save passes “to the cloud”; however, it is important to note that an internet connection is required for accessing passes saved “to the cloud.” By saving “to the device”, tickets are available without an internet connection; however, tickets will only be available on the specific device on which they were purchased. If your device has been lost or stolen, you may be able to retrieve unused, unexpired tickets by contacting Customer Service at (800) 652-DART (3278), option 2 and requesting that they move the tickets to the cloud so they are accessible from your new device.

Q. Is an internet connection required to use the app?
A.An internet connection is only required to create an account and purchase tickets. Once purchased, the tickets can be stored locally on the device so the user can activate them at any time. Tickets are automatically saved to the device once purchased, therefore allowing offline use at any time.

Q. What should I do if I change or lose my device?
A.If your device has been lost or stolen, you may be able to retrieve unused, unexpired tickets by contacting Customer Service at (800) 652-DART (3278), option 2, and requesting that they move the tickets “to the cloud” so they are accessible from another device.

Q. I reinstalled the app and now it says that my tickets are locked even though they are on this device. How do I fix this?
A.Device tickets are locked to certain installations of the app and can only be accessed from that installation. If your app has been reinstalled, you may retrieve unused or unexpired tickets by contacting Customer Service at (800) 652-DART (3278), option 2 and requesting that they move the tickets to the cloud so they are accessible from any device.

Q. Can I use a debit card to purchase tickets?
A.Yes, please make sure that you have the appropriate funds in your account. If the card is denied, it will take three to five business days before the funding will appear back on your card.

Q. I left my phone at home but would like to use my activated 7day 30day pass ticket, what can I do?
A.All passes are locked to the account phone once activated. You can purchase another ticket from the different device by using your account. You will not lose any available or active tickets that are currently in your account.

Q. My phone died; what do I do now?
A.You can log in from another device and may retrieve unused or unexpired tickets prior moved to the cloud. We cannot be responsible for phones not working, batteries dying or any phone/carrier related issues.

Q. How quickly is a payment processed?
A.Once authorized, the payment is processed immediately

Q. Where is my personal information and credit card information stored?
A.All personal and credit card information is stored on a securely encrypted Payment Card Industry (PCI) level 1 compliant server.

Q. How do I update or change my credit card information?
A.Credit card information can be deleted and re-entered from the Payment Methods screen. Previously entered cards cannot be changed. To delete a credit card on an iPhone, simply swipe on the credit card to delete. On Android phones, just tap and hold until it asks if you want to delete this credit card.

Q. Can I get a refund on my unused mobile ticket?
A.A refund will be provided on unused tickets that have not been activated. A $5 fee will apply per ticket. Please contact our customer service at (800) 652-DART (3278), option 2. There are no refunds on activated tickets.