Nationwide Operation Lifesaver (OL) works with federal and state departments of transportation and public safety, the railroad industry, the American Trucking Association, the American Bus Association, and school transportation providers, the National PTA, the law enforcement community, and other safety activists.

The OL program has reduced the number of roadway rail grade crossing crashes nationwide by as much as 70%. OL programs promote safe behavior at highway-rail grade crossings and along railroad rights of way. To get the message to the public, OL programs follow the guidelines of the three "E"s.

Education: OL offers presentations to groups such as school students, driver education students, professional drivers, fire departments, police officers, and senior citizens. These presentations can be made at the group's site or in a DART facility. All OL presentations are offered free of charge. In addition, DART First State's OL awareness efforts include poster boards, bus posters, radio and TV public service announcements; and special event exhibits.

Engineering: OL works with the railroads, DelDOT, police departments, and the community to improve safety systems. In Delaware, more than 75% of the State's nearly 300 public grade crossings have flashing lights and/or gated active systems. While nationally, only about 33%, or one-third of grade crossings are equipped with active signal systems. All others are passive systems; which have only the X-shaped cross-buck sign or a stop sign.

Enforcement: In cooperation with police departments, the Legislature, and the railroads, OL is encouraging the enforcement of traffic and no trespassing laws to make people aware of the dangers of ignoring safety signs and signals and trespassing on railroad equipment and rights of way. Over the past ten years Delaware had an average of 5.4 grade crossing collisions and 3.1 trespassing injuries or fatalities each year. But even one person injured or killed is too many, especially when you consider that these are the easiest incidents to prevent. Over the past decade OL Delaware has presented its programs to several thousands of people through exhibits, informational kiosks, and on-site presentations. OL Delaware, with the assistance of Amtrak and Philadelphia's SEPTA transit agency, also hosts station tours.

The messages are simple: LOOK, LISTEN & LIVE ... STAY OFF, STAY AWAY, STAY ALIVE
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