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DART's Automated Phone Access

DART First State offers Automated Phone Access (APA) which is an easy, no waiting system that can book reservations, confirm a trip and cancel a trip for our paratransit service. Simply use the numeric keypad on any touch tone telephone to book, cancel, or find out about your rides. The system does not have voice capability or support rotary and pulse dialing phones. You can transfer to a Call Center Agent at any point during your Automated Telephone System call by pressing 0 (zero).

APA Login Information

Client Identification Number Commonly referred to as your customer number when calling Reservations. Also Client ID number can be found on your Paratransit ID card, determination letter or by calling the Reservations department.
Pin Number Last four digits of your home phone number. Pin Number can be changed in system or by calling Reservations at 1-800-553-3278.

Using the System:

To use the Automated Telephone System dial 1-800-652-3278 and select Option 3 from any touchtone telephone. You will be asked to press either 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. After selecting your language preference you will be prompted to enter the client identification number and password. Once logged in you will hear General Announcements. You may skip past these announcements by selecting the number for APA feature needed.

  • APA can also be accessed while on hold for a live Reservationist when calling 1-800-553-3278 by selecting option 1 from any touchtone telephone.
  • You must already be certified, have a DART Client ID number and a pin number which is the last four digits of your home number in order to "login" the DART APA. (ID number can be found on your Paratransit ID card, determination letter or by calling the Reservations department)
Automated System Main Menu
Automated System Option Option Number
Trip Confirmation 1
Trip Cancellation 2
Trip Booking 3
Client Information 4
Change Password 5
General Announcements 6
Operator 0

Trip Confirmation

You can call the automated system to hear the trips you've booked previously either on the automated system or by a live Reservationist. You have the option to hear all trips booked; hear trips on a particular date or hear trips by confirmation number by selecting Option 1 Confirm in the system and following the prompts.

Trip Cancellation

You can cancel a single trip, by a specific date and/or a date range through the automated system by selecting Option 2 Cancel and following the prompts.

Phase 1: Automated Trip Booking Feature

Through APA, riders can book trips through the automated telephone system without having to speak with a person. This can be done through two separate features: 1) the personal trip list or 2) the previously booked/frequent trip list.

  1. The first feature of APA allows you to create your own personal trip list which can include up to two (2) addresses in our system labeled the Client Alternative and Client Work. These are just file headers and APA users are able to request any address be placed in those fields by calling Reservations
    • i.e. Client Work Address can be your school or hair salon
    • i.e. Client Alternative Address can be your Dialysis Center if you choose
  2. The second APA feature offers callers the option to select locations from the previously scheduled/frequent trip list. APA will list your trips booked in the past ninety (90) days. When you hear the trip you want to take again, you may select that trip by pressing the number listed by the system and just follow the prompts to easily book your trip.

During Phase 1, customers utilizing the trip booking feature of DART APA system must book trips to travel during the times below. For trips outside of core hours, please call our Reservations Team at 1-800-553-DART.

Core Hours - Trip Booking

  Earliest Latest
Monday-Friday 6:00 AM 9:00 PM**
Saturday 6:00 AM 4:00 PM
**New Castle County South customers latest pickup 7:00 PM.

New Castle South trips are all trips in New Castle County South of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal including Delaware City.

DART Automated Phone Access (APA) trip requests can be booked 24/7 up until 4:30 PM the day before service is needed. Trip requests will be accepted for up to 7 days in advance. Trip booking can be accessed in the automated system by selecting option 3.

Remember if you need assistance at anytime while using the DART APA system, press "0" to be transferred to the Reservations department.