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Green Initiatives

Environmental Statement

DTC is committed to providing public transit service that protects and preserves the environment with every trip on DART services and every dollar invested in green technology.

Electric Buses

DTC’s goal is to reduce emissions by 50% by the year 2030.

  • Six Low/No Emission Bus Grants totaling $31.4M
  • Electric Buses Currently Operating
    • 14 in New Castle County
    • Six in Kent County*
    • Six in Sussex County
    • Four on order for NCC and Sussex Counties
  • 100% battery electric – quiet, zero emissions, no exhaust, no tail pipe
  • 4-5 times more efficient than comparable diesel buses; lower maintenance costs
  • Faster acceleration than a diesel bus

DTC's electric buses will comprise 10% of its entire fixed-route bus fleet.

*Six electric buses were operating in Kent and are being replaced with a universal charging system.

CO2 Emissions Impact FY19 To-Date

  • CO2 Diesel Production Reduction - 1,316 Metric Tons
  • CO2 Gasoline Production Reduction - 4,456 Metric Tons
  • Equivalent to Taking 969 Gasoline Autos off the road

Propane Buses

  • DTC purchased five propane paratransit buses as a 2-year pilot in 2014
  • Entire DART paratransit fleet is now using propane
  • Propane autogas reduces greenhouse gases by up to 25%; 60% less carbon monoxide; and fewer particulate emissions versus gasoline
  • DTC pays $1.05/gallon propane; $2.58/gallon gasoline (Jan. 2022)

Statewide Facilities

  • Solar panels located at our DART III, Dover and Mid-County facilities
  • Bus canopy solar panels planned for our Dover facilities
  • Electric bus charging stations in Lewes and Rehoboth Park & Rides
  • Electric car chargers at our Beech Street and Dover facilities
Dover Solar Panels

Dover Solar Panels

Mid-County Solar Panels

Mid-County Solar Panels


Rehoboth Bus Charging Stations

Rehoboth Bus Charging Stations

Electric Car Charging Stations

Electric Car Charging Stations


Ride DART to take advantage of:

  • Contactless fare payment
  • DART Transit and DART Pass apps with real-time bus info
  • Enhanced cleaning methods

DART Transit


Information Tips for new and returning riders:

  • Our new website design make riding easier with access to information at your fingertips
  • Real time bus arrivals put customers in control of knowing when their bus will arrive
  • Although gas prices remain high, your daily one-way local trip is still on $2.00
  • DART Pass offers fare payment options
  • Sign Up for Rider Alerts
  • Look Up Speak Up - Safety reporting tool available on DART Transit mobile app



Celebrate Earth Day, every day:

  • Riding DART First State transit year round
  • Share a ride with friends and fellow employees
  • Walk or ride a bicycle for short, easy trips
  • If you do drive, drive smoothly and avoid long idling and jackrabbit starts
  • Postpone refueling your car until the evening - and don't "top off" your tank
  • Postpone mowing the lawn with gasoline-powered mowers until evening
  • Avoid lighting your charcoal barbecue with starter lighter fluid
  • Use latex rather than oil-based paints