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How To Ride Guide

Passenger Riding Safety, Tips & Practices


Rider safety, respect for other riders and the driver, and reducing driver rider distractions is very important in providing all with a reliable, convenient, cost saving, and safe public transit system. DART First State asks that you understand the need to place certain procedures and practices into place on our buses. The following rules and practices are not to limit your riding experience but to make to it safe and comfortable for you and all riders.

  • Our riders are courteous and respect others
  • Our riders don't smoke, eat or drink on the bus
  • Our riders use no rude language or unruly behavior
  • Our riders store all their articles out of the aisle
  • Our riders do not use radios, tape or CD players which annoy others
  • Young children sit by their parent or guardian who control their behavior
  • Our riders leave their pets at home (with exception of guide dogs)
  • Our riders keep their head and hands inside the bus and clear when the doors open and close
  • Our riders dress appropriately including wearing shirts and shoes
  • Our riders respect Federal Law that requires all riders to stand behind the white or yellow "standee" lines
  • Our riders always wait until the bus has completely stopped before entering at the front door
  • Our riders wait until the bus has completely left the stop before crossing the street

Passenger Riding Respectively - Tips & Practices

DART First State buses are continually being equipped with video cameras for insurance liability purposes and rider safety, and with automatic vehicle locator and auto 911 notification technology.

Disruptive riders will be asked to leave the bus by the driver who may, if necessary, be assisted by DTC Road Supervisors and local law enforcement. Violent acts aboard interstate motor coaches now qualify for the same kind of federal crime penalties as those acts would aboard airliners. A provision in the USA Patriot Act of 2001, passed by Congress following the September 11 attacks and signed into law by President Bush in October, extends federal criminal penalties to those who commit a violent act aboard interstate coaches. Section 801 of the act, Terrorist Attacks and Other Acts of Violence Against Mass Transit Systems, redefines the term "mass transportation" in federal code to include school bus, charter and sightseeing transportation. Perpetrators of acts of violence aboard interstate coaches can be punished with fines and federal imprisonment of up to 20 years under the law.

These rules are designed to provide a safe and comfortable ride for all DART First State customers.

DART First State maintains a Lost & Found Service as a courtesy for its riders. Found items forwarded to DART First State are held for a period of 30 calendar days from day of receipt. DART First State is not liable or responsible in any way for items lost. To contact the Lost & Found Service, call 800.652.DART.

Thank you for riding transit. Getting You There Safely is DART First State's Number 1 Commitment.