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Office of Public Carrier

Annual Gross Return

In accord with Title 2, Chapter 18 of the Delaware Code, Public Carriers providing intrastate transportation services in the State of Delaware must pay an annual assessment based upon the amount of intrastate gross revenues earned during the prior year. Every year a Public Carrier must report to the Office of Public Carrier the gross revenues earned from January 1 through December 31and pay an assessment in the amount of 0.004% of the gross intrastate revenue earned. Annual Gross Returns and assessment payment must be made on or before April 1 of the following year.

Public Carriers who perform both interstate and intrastate transportation will pay an assessment only on the intrastate portion of their business. School bus operators should exclude income from trips under the Department of Public Instruction's jurisdiction. Additionally, Public Carrier with multiple certifications must file an annual return for each respective certification. For example, a company with both a limousine certificate and a charter bus certificate must file separate returns for each respective certification.

In the event your annual financial reports are prepared by a public accounting firm on their stationery, or if you wish to use your own typed or printed financial statements as prepared for stockholders or management, such copies will be accepted in lieu of the return that is attached below, as long as the data required by the return is contained in the firm’s report.

Please note that information regarding the vehicles and drivers used by a Public Carrier under a Certificate must be filed with the Annual Gross Return. Additionally a copy of the Public Carrier’s current and valid business license must be attached to the return.

Any return that is filed and/or postmarked after April 1, or does not contain all required information and documentation will be considered a late filing and be subject to a $100 late fee. All returns should also include a filing fee of $7.50. Checks are to be made out to: DTC, Office of Public Carrier.

Returns can be mailed to, or dropped off at:

Office of Public Carrier
119 Lower Beach Street
Wilmington, DE 19805-4440
1-800-652-3278, option 7.
M-F 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Please call the Office of Public Carrier with any questions at 1-800-652-3278, option 7