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DART Contest

2024 Poster Winners

Theme: "The Colors of Travel"

Below you will see all of the winners from 2024’s poster contest.

Dart contest Grand Prize Winner - Cailyn Pan - 11th Grade, The Charter School of Wilmington

Grand Prize Winner

Cailyn Pan - First Place Winner
11th Grade
The Charter School of Wilmington

Dart Contest 6th Place winner - Yazline Carrera Loor

Bhavya Sri Kautharapu - First Place Winner
6th Grade
Conrad School of Science

Dart Contest 7th Grade winner - Saanvi Kautharapu

Saanvi Kautharapu - First Place Winner
7th Grade
Cab Calloway School of Arts

Dart Contest 8th Grade winner - Anusha Sarwadi

Anusha Sarwadi – First Place Winner
8th Grade
Alfred G. Waters Middle School

Dart Contest 9th Grade winner - Kinnret Joseph

Kinnret Joseph – First Place Winner
9th Grade
MOT Charter High School

Dart Contest 10th Grade winner - Charlie Dolbow

Charlie Dolbow – First Place Winner
10th Grade
Delcastle High School

Dart Contest 12th Grade Winner - Bhavya Sri Kautharapu

Yazline Carrera Loor – First Place Winner
12th Grade
Sussex Central High School